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assembly machines, Swanson - Erie


Swanson - Erie
P.O. Box 1217
Erie, Pennsylvania 16512
(814) 453-5841
fax (814) 455-5109
toll free (888) 453-5841

e-mail: info@swanson-erie.com

assembly machines, Swanson - Anaheim


Swanson - Anaheim
9825 Magnolia Ave.
Suite B319
Riverside, California 92503
(714) 685-1532
fax (714) 685-0519
e-mail: info@swanson-anaheim.com



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International Sales


Swanson – Japan

1-61, 23 1-61, 23 Makado-Cho, Naka-ku

Yokohama 231 Japan


fax 81-45-622-3666






















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The Swanson Agile Assembly Platform™  is the latest innovation from the pioneer in standardized assembly machines and production machines.

Custom, fully automated, multiple station assembly and test systems.

Since 1940, Swanson has been a leader in the development of reliable, accurate, durable, and easy-to-use assembly machine chassis and production systems.

Swanson manufacturers a wide range of rotary, linear, synchronous, palletized and flexible modular assembly equipment. With this range of standard components used as a basis, let Swanson design and build an Agile Assembly Platform™  to suit your assembly needs.

Equipment supplier to the fields of: appliances, washing machine sub-assemblies, refrigeration sub-assemblies, home workshop, automotive, valve assembly, transmission, suspension, air bags, power steering, door handles, lash adjusters, seat adjusters, spark plugs, instrumentation, injectors, consumer products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, razors, media storage, electronics, batteries, communications, glass, ceramic, tv components, picture tubes, glass to glass sealing, funnel edge finishing, panel edge finishing, glass handling, lighting, aluminizing, base filling, flare machines, inspection machines, medical,